Best External CS2 Cheats


Hitbox Selection: Choose which body parts you’d like to target for ultimate accuracy.

Individual settings for weapons group: Tailor settings for different weapon types to suit your gameplay.

Custom hotkey support: Define your hotkeys for quick and easy access to features.

Recoil control: Automatically manage weapon recoil to maintain perfect aim.

Auto fire: Engage enemies automatically when they’re in your line of sight.

Delay: Add a calculated delay for more natural-looking shots.


Incross: Shoot automatically when your crosshair intersects with an enemy.

Hitbox: Specify the hitbox area to activate the Triggerbot.

Auto fire: Automatically fire when the conditions are met.

Delay: Introduce a delay to the Triggerbot to avoid detection.

Visibility Check

bSpotted: bSpotted uses an ingame function to notify when an enemy has been spotted.

AVX optimized VPK map parsing: Ray intersection technology to determine if the enemy is visible or not.


Bone ESP: This cutting-edge feature lets you visualize the skeletal structure of your opponents, giving you unparalleled insight into their movements and positioning.

Glow ESP: Highlight players with a glowing aura, making it easier for you to spot and target enemies or allies.

Box ESP: Draw boxes around players for an additional layer of visibility. Ideal for gauging distance and player dimensions.

Player Text ESP: Get critical info like player names, health stats, and more displayed as on-screen text.

Visibility Check: Ensure that only visible enemies are targeted, helping you make smarter gameplay decisions.

Show Visible Only: Opt to show only players who are within your line of sight, streamlining your visual cues.

Customizable Text: Tailor the on-screen text to your liking, changing font, colors, and alignment to better suit your needs.

C4 Timer: Keep track of bomb countdowns with a handy on-screen timer.

Nightmode: Transform the game environment with a darker ambiance for better focus and visual appeal.

Spectator List: Know who’s watching you with a list of spectators during your game.

Radar: Access a mini-map that reveals player positions in real-time, offering you a strategic edge.

Streamproof: Keep your cheat features invisible while streaming, protecting your reputation and game integrity.


Skinchanger: Change your weapon skins on the fly.

Customizable render speed: Adjust the rendering speed for optimized performance.