Wallhacks for Counter-Strike 2 – See Enemies Through Walls

Unlock Wallhacks and ESP Cheats for Counter-Strike 2. See enemies through walls and obstacles to gain a competitive edge every time.

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Feature List

Access to 420 Cheats CS2 Hack

Status: Undetected

OS: Windows 10 / 11

Instant Access

Type: External (No Hooks)

Counter-Strike 2 Wallhacks (ESP)
Counter-Strike 2 Wallhacks (ESP)

Key Features

  • Keybind: Choose a key to toggle wallhacks on and off mid-game.
  • Visible Only: Shows enemies only when they are visible.
  • Show Team: Apply wallhacks to your teammates as well as enemies.
  • Bone ESP: Visualize enemy skeletons.
  • Box: Draws a box around targets.
  • Box Style: Change the appearance of the boxes.
  • Gradient: Apply gradient color to box ESP.
  • Box Fill: Fill boxes with color.
  • Drop Shadow: Add shadows to boxes for better visibility.
  • Box Thickness: Adjust the thickness of the box borders.
  • Distance Fade: Fade ESP based on distance.
  • Fade Level: Control the intensity of the fade.
  • Name: Display player names.
  • Health: Show health bars for enemies.
  • Weapon: Display the weapons carried by enemies.
  • Font Size: Adjust the text size for ESP information.
  • Field of View: Display and tune the aimbot's field of view.

Usage Instructions

Step 1: Purchase: Buy Wallhacks (ESP) hacks from the shop.

Step 2: Download: Download the cheat from the provided link.

Step 3: Open: Open the downloaded cheat file.

Step 4: Login: Login with your email to access the cheat.

Step 5: Configure Your Settings: From the in-game menu, configure the keybinds, visibility options, ESP settings, and other preferences to suit your gameplay style.

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