Triggerbot Hacks for Counter-Strike 2

Gain access to Triggerbot Hacks for Counter-Strike 2. Automatically fire your weapon when the crosshair is on the enemy.

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Buy Triggerbot Hacks for Counter-Strike 2


Feature List

Access to 420 Cheats CS2 Hack

Status: Undetected

OS: Windows 10 / 11

Instant Access

Type: External (No Hooks)

Key Features

Triggerbot Hacks

Enhance your accuracy and reaction time in Counter-Strike 2 with our powerful triggerbot hacks.


  • Keybind Control: Easily activate the triggerbot with customizable keybinds for optimal convenience.
  • Auto Fire: Automatically fire your weapon when an enemy is in your crosshairs.
  • Configurable Delay: Adjust the firing delay to suit your playstyle and weapon characteristics.
  • Weapon-Specific Settings: Configure the triggerbot for each weapon type for maximum efficiency.
  • Hitbox Selection: Select specific hitboxes to target, ensuring precise and lethal shots.

Usage Instructions

Step 1: Purchase: Buy triggerbot hacks from the shop.

Step 2: Download: Download the cheat from the provided link.

Step 3: Open: Open the downloaded cheat file.

Step 4: Login: Login with your email to access the cheat.

Step 5: Configure Your Settings: From the in-game menu, configure keybinds, delay, weapon-specific settings, and hitbox selection to your preference.

Video - Triggerbot Settings Explained (Config)

420 Cheats Aimbot Settings

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