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24 December 2023

Knife Animations added.
Instant Skin Application added.

CS2 External Knife Animations


26 November 2023

New features added to BETA version (available to all paying customers)

CS2 Map Changer


05 November 2023

BETA version enabled for all paying customers.  Enjoy!

CS2 Model Changer (External)

02 November 2023

Over the coming days we will be making changes to our cheat, while injecting you will see “CS2 – Beta” in the client. This version will include model changer, our new and improved Config System and Knife Changer.  Please be patient while we roll out these new features.

16 September 2023

New client update, please redownload the new file from the download page.

04 August 2023

Please be patient while we upgrade the website and transfer content over. If your cheats disappeared, please contact a staff member so they can issue you a new key on our new website.